Real Estate: Vitali’s experience in serving customers

We are our customer’s partners in the Real Estate Sector in Italy and the world.

Globalisation has increased the importance of local values. Since awareness of the potential and value of a location can determine the economic and social development of communities, we need to think and plan with a global vision.
Because of this, the Vitali Group has decided to become involved in the real estate sector in order to focus on programmes and strategies which can ensure long term integrated development.

We create tailor-made facilities for large multinationals and evaluate every aspect of project development with them. We work with international design studios to create structures for events, fairs and temporary or permanent exhibitions.

We support companies in making strategic decisions related to the location and design of interior and exterior spaces, putting all our experience at their disposal.
We share completion times and offer rental and purchase options for properties with management included. In a nutshell, we are one of the most active companies in the real estate sector in Italy.