Construction technology for the advanced tertiary sector

The advanced tertiary sector is now considered the most productive area of the economy. The Vitali Group immediately grasped the important role this sector plays in modern society. Because of this, the Group decided to become involved in real estate, paying attention primarily to realising executive, commercial, logistics and industrial buildings.

Evolved Concepts for office buildings

The Real Estate Division of the Vitali Group offers its customers appropriate solutions for office construction in the advanced tertiary sector. These solutions are intelligent, flexible and cross-functional. They pay special attention to location, particularly ensuring that it is well served by road networks and public transport.

The most important types of operations involving advanced tertiary Sector technological construction require certification processes and involve integrating existing infrastructure into the continuity of the surrounding environment and landscape. To ensure that office buildings have a unique architectural design and top-level functionality, we work regularly with prestigious international architectural studios. Vitali S.p.A. aims to offer clients practical structures which are at the same time both technological and always top quality. Every structure the Vitali Group creates is noted for its high quality of construction, use of the latest available technologies and maximum functional and energy efficiency.