Innovation Campus

Peschiera Borromeo (Milan)

The Innovation Campus is a development project of the tertiary sector for the establishment of the major multinational companies. The area spreads over 50.000 square meters and is located in Peschiera Borromeo (Milan). The complex, designed by Flores & Prats of Barcellona, is the first campus built in Italy according to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) criteria.

The new directional center “Innovation Campus” is located in Peschiera Borromeo, province of Milan. It is a green area near deep in the green near Idroscalo Park and Parco agricolo sud of Milan. Because it’s close to Linate airport, Segrate’s railway, Milan’s subway and other central roads as S.S. Paullese South of Milan and S.P. Rivoltana North of Milan, from the point of view of road network and from that of public transport is a well “served” area.
Other services available in the area, such as natural elements (fountain systems and arable land), historical and architectural elements (Mirazzano Castle, Cascina Agricole system, with their historical courts from where operative space used as offices are shown) were proposed again in the new project), and the prevision of strengthening of the pedestrian network spread across these areas of particular beauty increase the enhancement of the area.

I believe that the most important topics are the spacious and green courts, the park and especially the Pergola that “enclose” buildings and welcomes and accompanies users inside. It is able to integrate itself with the external facades of the buildings in an efficient way like a breesoleil. These are the most important topics because there are links between natural landscape and buildings. The Pergola is made of simple and geometric lines, similar to furrows made by plough that are typical of the area where was build the new center, the Po Valley. This was the theme that inspired the development of the project from the design to the final version.

Project data

Title of the project: Innovation Campus
Location: Peschiera Borromeo, south-east of Milan
Designers: Flores & Prats of Barcellona
Use: offices

Area: 100.000 square meters
Built area: 50.000 square meters
Green area: 62.000 square meters
Parking area: 50.000 square meters (1.700 parking services)