Industrial Construction: construction of logistics and industrial buildings

The Real Estate Division of Vitali has operated for years in the construction industry, particularly in the creation of industrial and logistics buildings.
Vitali S.p.A. has constantly dedicated itself to research and offering customers industrial building solutions which are simultaneously innovative and practical.

During the design phase, the Real Estate Division places particular emphasis on the functionality of a structure. The efficient management of industrial buildings is crucial. Our industrial construction projects are located in expanding areas which are close to main roads, facilitating access.

Vitali Real Estate uses advanced and innovative technologies in its construction activity which enhance the quality and efficiency of a structure and allow significant reductions in energy consumption. Our industrial building construction standards involve the use of underfloor heating and special metal cladding for facades. These provide benefits in terms of energy saving, reduction of building operating costs and worker welfare.

Our professional approach to communication activity and our privileging of the client assures constant dialogue, transparency and customer loyalty. These are the fundamental qualities needed to ensure maximum efficiency in industrial building construction.