Leonardo da Vinci Park

Roncello (Milan)

The new logistic and industrial park “Leonardo da Vinci” is situated in Roncello, in the heart of the Milanese area, near the major roads and along the main European distribution channels.
It is characterized by high quality building and is able to guarantee high safety standards, comfort and functionality. The area is available for further logistic and industrial development.

The new logistics park is located on the A4 Milan – Venice motorway, European corridor 5. Located at a strategic point on the national and international road traffic system, the park can be reached from the Cavenago–Cambiago and Trezzo sull’Adda motorway exits.
The area in question is inside a recently expanded industrial complex housing a number of important factories and logistical centers.
The building, which has a floor area of approximately 50,000 square meters, is divided into compartmented warehouses, offices and services.
The project also includes the construction of warehouses with loading bays on two sides with a clear height of 10.50 meters. A total of 70 loading bays will be provided.
On the East face of the first warehouse, a raised two-storey structure will be provided to house administrational offices and services and will be reachable by a stairway and lifts.
The warehouses themselves will have raised structures housing the departmental offices and relative services, complete with changing rooms.
The buildings will be equipped with an American N.F.P.A sprinkler system, while the compartmentation will be effected by means of REI120 partitions.


SITE AREA 120.000 square meters
BUILDING HEIGHT 10.50 meters
GROSS FLOOR AREA 51.000 square meters
PLANTS AND SYSTEMS SPRINKLER SYSTEM in accordance with NFA standards Robotised system for the physical handling of goods
PARKING individual parking spaces for cars and trucks
OFFICES supplied on turnkey basis according to requirements