Builders of wealth

Vitali Group’s Real Estate Development division is specialized in real estate development; more specifically in the construction of offices, commercial, logistic and industrial buildings with low energy consumption. To ensure our customers’ satisfaction we strive to continuously apply our organizational skills, using the most advanced technological tools and enhancing quality and efficiency. We also keep in mind the future of our buildings: from the intrinsic analysis of the area to its location, we identify its potential and forecast possible developments, we design and build the most suitable property and, once it has been built, we propose efficient asset management solutions.

General Qualified Contractor

Thanks to the acquired technical excellence level, Vitali Group is able to combine specific knowledge with a heritage of corporate culture that has been passed down through three generations in the history of an entrepreneurial family Vitali Group has established itself as one of the leading operators in the Italian real estate market, thanks to some of the most advanced professional standards in Europe and an innovative business model. Vitali Group acts as General Contractor fully qualified and supported by a company structure capable of handling the execution of a project, from the design to the final delivery of the finished product, thanks also to the management of the entire process, simplified in the “production” chain. 
Creators of valor

Vitali works as a partner of multinational companies and Public Authorities in the value creation and development of real estate projects.

From the initial concept design to the construction and management of the buildings, Vitali provides integrated solutions – in full compliance with the execution timelines and with a close monitoring of costs – that are tailored to its customers.

Thanks to the experience developed over time, Vitali is able to design, build and manage all kind of structures combining an extensive construction experience with a strong technical development, in particular with the use of BIM technology as a design tool, know-how and a flexible project management approach.

Sustainable building: the environment comes first

Concrete actions Vitali Group believes that respecting the environment is the philosophy at the heart of every sustainable building initiative. We are constantly involved in the research of eco-sustainable and technologically advanced solutions, enabling us to create eco-sustainable and certified buildings, which guarantee low energy consumption and high standards of comfort with the utmost respect towards the environment. Our projects’ sustainability is quantifiable: the parameters established by the various international environmental certifications such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Carbon Neutral and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) are essential for our management centers.