Bergamo is a candidate for city of the future: the regeneration project of Porta Sud is underway

With the onset of the third millennium, cities worldwide have become the object of special attention and study, to the point that this era has been defined as “the century of cities”.  Within this global scenario, recognising a new and dominant role for the most urbanised areas, the city of Bergamo has accepted the challenge for change and transformation from a smart city perspective. The main objective will be the improvement of citizens’ daily  lives, by reconciling and meeting their needs, those of the business community and the institutions in the fields of technology, mobility, environment and energy efficiency.
This is how the new Porta Sud project in Bergamo is preparing to become one of the leading design proposals for regeneration and redevelopment: a new prestigious urban plan involving Vitali, a leading Italian company in the real estate development and large mobility infrastructure industry, with two in-house business units dedicated to special demolition / decommissioning and the production of bituminous conglomerates and concrete. Bergamo will have a new look, more suitable to its times and its distinctive urban fabric: the whole project requires a total investment of approximately one billion euros for the completion of the entire project over a ten-year period, .  Guided by a precise vision of well-being for those living the city life, the Vitali team is once again recognised as a reference point in Italy capable of facing new urban scenarios in line with modern trends.
The area named as “The City of Care and Wellness” will be the district dedicated to health care and medical research in the centre of the city. A special place based on health prevention education directly connected to the ” Inter-modal Pole”, so called because it connects not only the railway station to the city centre, but also Bergamo with the rest of the world thanks to the new connection route to the Caravaggio airport.  The “green” aspect of things will certainly not be forgotten, as it will spread as the generating element of new areas, the creative heart and pulsating lung of the City. There will be large tree-lined spaces for an overall green area of 450,000 sqm studded with businesses and services that will turn this place into a lively and well attended area, thanks also to 24,000 sqm dedicated to new squares and 13 km of cycling paths

L’area “La Città della Cura e del Benessere” sarà il distretto dedicato eccellenza sanitaria finalizzata alla cura e alla ricerca medica nel centro della città. Un vero e proprio spazio improntato sull’educazione alla prevenzione sanitaria che sarà collegato direttamente con il “Polo Intermodale”  chiamato così perchè connette non solo la zona ferroviaria al centro della città, ma lega anche Bergamo con il resto  del mondo grazie alla nuova linea di collegamento verso l’aeroporto Il Caravaggio.  Non sarà sicuramente dimenticato “il verde” che si diffonderà come elemento generatore di nuovi spazi e il cuore creativo e polmone pulsante della Città.  Ci saranno grandi spazi alberati per una superfice verde complessiva 450.000 mq costellati da attività e servizi che renderanno questo luogo uno spazio vivo e frequentato grazie anche  24.000 mq dedicati nuove piazze e 13 km m di pista ciclabile.