RHO Expo 2015 Area Masterplanning Project
Experia is a sustainable urban redevelopment project, a new pole of attraction for Milan where research, health, innovation, culture, training and welfare are synergically integrated. In regenerating the legacy of Expo 2015, the Masterplan proposed by a multidisciplinary team involving international studies such as HOK and CMR Project has the objective of implementing the development of an urban landscape designed for and with the people who will live there. Starting from the concept of “urban mending” but also emotional and temporal, Experia creates new “urban vibrations” in an iconic polycentric and multifunctional complex extending throughout a linear park, the Park Experience.
Experia is a project aming to be the springboard for the Milan of the future: a smart, self-sufficient, multifunctional district and well connected to the city, a 360° model  of sustainability capable of gradually expanding to the whole of Milan. Arexpo’s Masterplan development involves the area where EXPO 2015 was held in Milan. The area covers an area of about 1,000,000 sqm and is located between two municipalities, Milan and Rho.
THREE DISTRICTS AGGREGATING EXCELLENCE 480,000 sqm of new spaces: Experia is a meeting platform for research, technology and innovation supporting businesses and people. An ecosystem open to the world able to promote the development of innovative companies, exploiting research and university potential. Experia Park is a 560,000 sqm technology park integrating synergistically all three districts and public services. 750,000 SQM ALLOCATED TO THE SERVICE OF FUTURE COMMUNITIES. A constellation of services and synergistic activities supporting research and technological development. The Experia Service Platform is characterised by the project’s innovative identity and its openness to sharing and integrating excellence.
A campus surrounded by lush vegetation in close contact with the Museum and the Academy, located within the large Urban Park and along the Decumanus, the district will be mainly dedicated to offices, laboratories and technological start-ups. The Technology District will be in constant communication between the three public offices and the other districts, creating positive synergies and generating value. The innovation district will host a large tech centre for research and development of new products and innovative companies. A pole of advanced production, emblem of innovation and cultural progress.
100,000 sqm of spaces dedicated to Pharma and Research companies. The Research District is not only a world of information but a reference point for the Experia scientific community, for meetings, discussions and being always connected with the world. A place where the dialectic among consolidated subjects (Institutions, Companies, Universities, Communities) unite and create shared scenarios of growth and development.
A flexible structure capable of accommodating between 20,000 and 60,000 people. A modern Event Space open to the public 24 hours a day, managed with multimedia technologies and advanced software. A totally innovative approach to culture and communication. A place packed with information to be always connected with the rest of the world.
115,000 sqm of space dedicated to Fintech. The innovation district will host a large FINTECH techno-finance pole for the provision of financial services and products through the most advanced information technologies (ICT), as well as a large tech centre for the research and development of new products and innovative companies symbol of innovation and cultural progress. A Start Up accelerator capable of attracting international investors.
Over 560,000 sqm of lush green and equipped spaces suitable for sport, culture and entertainment. The Experia Park, extending along the Cardo and Decumanus axes, symbols of EXPO 2015 and scattered within its built-up area, is the generating element of Experia, the green, creative and pulsating heart of the city. The landscape and open space are the tools of Regeneration, Innovation and Sustainability, symbiotic connection between its different uses. The nursery school, the advanced clinic, the senior centre, the motor science department, will promote the inter-generational education model. A coherent approach focusing on the mixité as a source of integration and advanced social development.
An optimised environment, model and reference point for the development of cities and neighbourhoods. The decumanus is transformed into an open technological promenade for public transport and cycle/pedestrian routes. A place connecting people on a digital platform able to offer all necessary information on timetables, waiting times, availability and opportunities for the public… Sharing Mobility stations will help you to reach every Experia location quickly, efficiently and safely.
A Zero Impact City thanks to the use of advanced, synergistic technologies and the efficient management of energy infrastructures. An intelligent, widespread and capillary energy generation system capable of optimising installations’ energy behaviour, increasing comfort levels and reducing energy requirements in favour of the Experia community.