San Giuliano Milanese shopping centre built in record time
Inaugurated on December 1st, 2016 the new San Giuliano Milanese shopping center, entirely developed  by Vitali Group, is located directly on the east ring road. The project covers a total area of more than 20,000 square meters and was completed in record time, less than 9 months from the laying of the first stone to turnkey delivery of the new sales point and restaurant. The project has been developed together with international players such as OBI and Burger King. This is a long lease term transaction.

A new OBI sales point and a fully operational Burger King “drive” restaurant are located in the area under development.
The properties, entirely developed  by Vitali Group, are built according to the most advanced quality standards increasing property efficiency and are equipped with eco-sustainable, avant-garde solutions. The quality of materials and advanced installations guarantee high quality standards and low energy consumption respecting the surrounding environment.

The structure integrates cutting-edge system technologies such as LED lights in all sales areas and offices with remote lighting control systems; cutting-edge systems for temperature and consumption management and control; heating and cooling system with high efficiency heat pumps powered by a photovoltaic system integrated on the building roof.

Thanks to this renowned ability to build quality, energy-efficient buildings in full compliance with its customers’ time frames Vitali is recognized by large multinational groups, such as OBI and Burger King, as a reliable and competent partner. This new shopping centre, built in record time, is yet another proof of this.
The new OBI sales point, besides a large internal sales area, features an indoor and outdoor greenhouse garden, dedicated to gardening lovers. 
That of San Giuliano is now the 55th sales point of the German multinational OBI, a European leader in the sector and the ninth in the Lombardy region alone. An important milestone reached by OBI which, in just one week, opened two new stores: the one today is exactly one week away from the opening at Curno, in the Bergamo province, on November 24th.
The Burger King restaurant has a capacity of over 100 indoor and 30 outdoor seats. 35 people were hired at the opening of the restaurant. The sales point offers the King Drive service, thanks to which customers can order directly from their car every day practically 24 hours a day.

The dining rooms of the restaurant comply with the innovative concept design studied to offer customers a tasty and colourful experience in a warm and aesthetically appealing environment. All the materials being used are natural with a predominant use of wood combined with warm colours.