Real Estate Properties: Vitali’s experience at the customer’s service
We are our customers’ partners in the Real Estate sector both in Italy and worldwide. Globalization has increased the importance of local values. We are aware of the fact that the potential and the value of a location can determine the economic and social development of the Community, it is necessary to think and plan with a global vision. This is why Vitali Group has decided to operate in the real estate sector, to concentrate its activities on programs and strategies capable of guaranteeing long-term integrated development. 

A complete range of services Projects, cost and times under control
Investment and Risk Management. Controlled investment, thanks to a constant reporting activity to maximise returns and minimise risks.   Asset Management. Coordinating all activities (contracts, building, management, maintenance, etc.), in order to implement the best exploitation strategy for each asset.   Project management. Analysis, management, coordination and control of multiple and complex aspects of each project, from the design phase to completion.   Property Management. Complex activities management, using specialised resources, to increase asset value over time.   Facility management. Best results achieved in the care and maintenance of properties, as well as installations, aiming at enhancing, preserving and increasing the efficiency  – mainly in terms of energy – of the asset.    Sales & Letting. Performing qualified reference market analysis, research, negotiation and drafting contracts as well as targeted marketing actions.