Hungary Pavilion Expò 2015

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Leonardo Da Vinci Park

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Innovation Campus

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Thanks to a high know-how, The Vitali Group is able to satisfy specific needs of any costumers for all of the project phases (valuation, acquisition, management, valorisation, alienation, construction and management of the property).

Project, cost and times under control

Vitali Real Estate

The Real Estate Development division of the Vitali Group is specialised in construction of low energy consumption offices, commercial, logistic and industrial buildings.
To ensure our Clients’ satisfaction, we constantly update our organizational capacities, adopting the most technologically advanced tools, with emphasis on quality and efficiency.
We also think about the future of what we build. From the close analysis of the area and its surroundings, we identify the potential and possible developments, we design and built the most suitable property and, once built, we put forward efficient solutions for the management of the assets.

MILAN ALTA: CHALLENGE FOR THE PORTELLOThe draft presented to Vitali Fair Foundation for the redevelopment of the Portello pavilions 1-2, in the heart of Milan is a valid option and strong.

Made to measure

Globalisation has increased the importance of local values. We aware that the potentialities and values of a place can determine the economic and social development of the community…