Industrial Construction: construction of logistics and industrial buildings
Vitali’s Real Estate division has been operating for years in the construction sector, specifically in the construction of industrial and logistic buildings. Vitali S.p.A. is continuously committed to research, trying to offer customers innovative and practical industrial building solutions  

During the design phase, the Real Estate Division places particular emphasis on the efficiency of a structure. The efficient management of industrial buildings is crucial. Our industrial building projects are located within expanding areas, near major road networks to facilitate access to the structures.
Vitali Real Estate uses advanced and innovative technologies for the construction of buildings to enhance the quality and efficiency of the structure and to considerably reduce energy consumption.
Our industrial building construction standards involve the use of underfloor heating and special façades metal cladding, which provide benefits in terms of energy saving, reduction of building operating costs and worker well-being. 

Ongoing dialogue, transparency and customer loyalty are guaranteed by privileged professional communication: fundamental qualities ensuring the highest efficiency in the construction of industrial buildings.
Isola Vicentina logistic Hub
view project
Leonardo da Vinci Park
view project
Logistic Park Basiano
view project
San Giuliano Milanese shopping center
view project
Retail and Commercial. Functional flexibility
The most important feature in retail and commercial settings is location.  We understand the potential of a location and we know how to enhance its characteristics. We offer maximum flexibility and efficiency in task distribution, reducing management costs.

Technology and well-being come first.  Our constructions are eco-sustainable and include, among other things, energy generation plants using renewable sources, rainwater and groundwater recovery and reuse equipment, latest-generation installations and the use of eco-friendly materials. We guarantee a low impact on the surrounding environment and pay great attention to the health and safety of end users.